Add Your Site to our Newsfeeds

Example Newsfeed

Player newsfeeds appear on every player page. Below is a sample from our hockey site.

  • 6/1 Old North Banter: Carolina Hurricanes: Samuelsson in as Checkers coach: The Carolina Hurricanes are bringing in a familiar face to coach...
  • 5/29 City of Champions: Penguins: All-Time Stanley Cup Finals Team: With the Pittsburgh Penguins back in the Stanley Cup Finals, who...
  • 5/28 Blackhawk Up: 2016 World Cup Of Hockey Roster Surprises And Snubs: Among Eight World Cup Of Hockey Teams, There Were Surprises And...
  • 5/28 Predlines: Nashville Predators One of Dozen Stanley Cupless Teams: The Nashville Predators aren't the only team that is still...
  • 5/27 City of Champions: Penguins: Rookies Lead Pens to Stanley Cup Finals: The Pittsburgh Penguins notched their fifth trip to the Stanley...

How to Add Your Content

  • First, use our Player Linker to seed your content with links to relevant player pages.
  • Second, use our Statistics Sharing Tool to embed any table of stats (customized by you) into your blog post.

Then let us know (see below) that you are using these tools and we will start scanning your RSS feed for links to We'll then link from the relevant player page (using our ID in the link) to your blog post.


  • We can reject a website or feed for any reason.
  • No profanity or vulgarity in the title. The title of the post appears on We will attempt to censor potentially offensive content from appearing on Sports Reference pages.
  • To prevent Sports Reference from using a post, don't have any links to our sites or include the following in the post. <!-- NOINDEX -->
  • Your RSS feed must include the text of the articles in order for us to pull out the player id's you link to
  • In general, we will check your rss feed every hour and use the first 10 posts we find and the first 15 player id's in each post.
  • Anyone found to be using this service in a spammy way will be immediately blocked.
  • Only links in posts trigger this feature. Links in comments will not.

Let Us Know You Want to be Included

To be included in this service you need to send us the following information.

  • the name of your site to appear in the feed (at most 25 characters)
  • the url for your rss feed (must be a full feed)
  • a contact e-mail address
  • the url of an example page with our links in place

We'll review your request in no more than two business days and either begin including your content or let you know why we can't. Please let us know if you have any questions, or need our linker to support additional content management systems.